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About 7905 Consulting

7905 Consulting is a technology and education consulting firm that provides expert guidance to our clients. We specialize in helping businesses and education organizations leverage technology to improve, reduce and achieve more efficiency. We can help you identify opportunities for growth, optimize your processes, and implement cutting-edge solutions. Let us help you take your business to the next level.

Meet Greg

Greg has over 20 years of K12 education experience, including 15 years in technology positions both in the classroom and at the administrative level. He currently serves as the Executive Director of Technology for the Cheyenne Mountain School District in Colorado Springs where he has the opportunity to collaborate with a great team of instructional and enterprise technology colleagues. Greg has the unique perspective of understanding both the classroom and enterprise technology environments in a K12 education organization.

Greg has a large amount of administrative experience, as well as, real world IT experience. He has developed both layer two and layer three networks across 10+ locations. He has most recently completed the implementation of a new fiber network for the school district that provides over 17 miles of fiber. Greg also has a vast knowledge of Windows servers, networking, VoIP, cloud databases, firewalls, and IT security systems.

After multiple years of managing various camera and access control systems. In 2018, Greg researched and implemented a cloud security system called Verkada for the Cheyenne Mountain School District. Greg currently manages a camera and access control environment at 13 sites that includes over 385 cameras and 150 doors.

Greg has become an expert in the setup and management of an IT security environment of this size without adding additional employees. All while allowing the organization to self maintain the day-to-day installation and maintenance of the Verkada hardware to include proper onboarding, device naming, and 3rd party integrations for SSO and SCIM.


Greg is passionate about helping others bring together innovative practices to streamline technology operations and processes.

Meet Ericka

Ericka is an enthusiastic teacher with eighteen years of experience in elementary education. She is excellent at identifying and differentiating individual student needs to advance and support the core instruction of her students at all levels through the use of small group interventions and targeted instruction. Ericka is flexible, creative, and a multi-faceted teacher that enjoys supporting the growth of all students in a pursuit to provide students with meaningful learning in their lives. Ericka uses outdoor learning whenever possible and has become known as the teacher that makes strong connections, takes her students on daily walks, and frequent field trips.

Ericka hosts perspective educators in her classroom each year and sees this as a win-win relationship. She gains additional help for her students and she gets joy from modeling and mentoring young adults going into an education career path. 

Organizing and helping teachers become more efficient in their teaching is her passion. Ericka also loves nothing more than getting a challenging student, getting to know them and figuring out what that child needs to excel in a traditional school. Maybe it's going outside to get fresh air breaks, sitting on a yoga ball, or having strategies to help when a child is angry. Ericka's advanced training in Responsive Classroom and eighteen years of experience in the classroom can help to mentor and refocus teachers to find a renewed success using some helpful classroom management strategies and efficient time management to get the most out of a school day.

In 2022 Ericka went through training to have their family Goldendoodle certified to become a Go TEAM Therapy Dog for the Colorado team. She attends various events across Colorado Springs when the team is called to serve or if there is a crisis, including various classrooms, summer school programs and the Paws to Read program at our local library. Ericka is currently working on writing a children's book about Teddy the Therapy Dog to help educate adults and children alike on what these dogs do.

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